How to install the widebody kit for Ford Mustang S197 2005 – 2014

This will help you to install your SHIROKAI widebody kit for 2010-2014 Mustang, but you can use it as the basis for other models wide body kit installation process.

While the Wide Body Kit is designed to be easy and intuitive to install, due to the technical nature and specialized equipment needed, professional installation is RECOMMENDED.


Before starting the installation, drilling, cutting your car we recommend to do a test fit. It will help you to know the measurements for your future wheel setup.

Better use masking tape or special protection film to cover your body paint and protect it from scratches. Align the two sections of the Flare and clamp them together at the inside flanges if needed. Use tape to fix wide body parts on your car. Before attempting installation, review instructions carefully and be sure the installer understands and is capable of installation.


Disconnect the battery! Make sure you or installer know how to weld

Give yourself enough room to operate.
Please refer to Ford manuals during the disassembly and reassembly of stock components.

Raise the vehicle and support it using jack stands on all 4 corners. Remove the wheels and tires, fender liner, and inner trunk panels and set them aside.

With the help of an assistant, hold the Flare up against the vehicle and trace the flare and mark the cutting line with a permanent marker.

Using fender covers, mask tape or equivalent, cover the vehicle for protection against sparks and abrasive debris. Cover the suspension, brakes, windows, and shock with a welding blanket or equivalent.

(1) Begin cutting the outer fender as shown. (2) Use an angle grinder with a sanding disc to separate the outer and inner fenders at the edge.

Peel back the outer fender(face metal, shown in red) to gain access to the inner fender as shown:

Cut the inner part fender with 1inch( 2-3cm) step and 2inch(4-5cm) deep making it look like a flower.

Place the fender flare onto the vehicle and tape it into place or do it with the help of an assistant (recommended). When drill holes into the fender. Install cleco pins into the holes to secure the SHIROKAI widebody parts and maintain proper alignment. If you don’t have the Clecos, you can use regular screws temporarly.

Remove the Shirokai flares from the vehicle and using a drill, enlarge the holes in the vehicle fender for your type/size of rivnuts. Install the rivnuts into the body panel using special tool.

Carefully install the overfender onto the vehicle using the button head cap screws and washers. Start at the center and work outward. Do not fully tighten any of the fasteners until every one has been successfully started.

With the help of an assistant carefully install the sideskirt onto the vehicle using cleco pins or tape.

We recommend fixing the sideskirt as shown. You cat use nutserts for plastic, button head cap screws and washers, add 3m tape with adgesive (in the middle area under door).

Remove your OEM front lip. Place SHIROKAI front lip onto the front bumper and tape it into place or do it with the help of an assistant. When drill holes into the bumper. Install cleco pins to secure the part and main- tain proper alignment.

Remove the SHIROKAI front lip from the vehicle and using a drill, enlarge the holes in bumper.Install the nutserts for plastic into the front bumper using special tool.

Make sure all parts are fitted well, chek all mountings, install your new bigger wheels and check inner fender volume with full load. Disassembly all body kit parts for painting.

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