Founded in 2019 by 15+ years experienced automotive maniacs, SHIROKAI company dedicated to provide best products and best possible services. We love cars, we love modyfing cars, we started long years ago when we needed somecustom parts ourselves.

Andrey Kondukhov. CEO of SHIROKAI. In 2009 was working at a production company while modifying his own cars in his free time. One day ordered some fiberglass body kit from Japan to install onto an owned car but was horrified by the quality. Then started to think about how to make better-quality parts for the production he was working on. That was the moment when invented the Universal Fender flares made from ABS plastic. After some time, started his own company named Clinched Flares.

Not patented and world popular

The idea of a universal thing, that may be installed onto any chassis with a DIY process became a good selling point. Now there are thousands of companies copying the same design Andrey invented in the early '10th. Now its a questionable accessorize, but that was the beginning of the journey.

Specific model bodykits

After few years we had a variety of universal flares and also some specific bodykits under that brandname but there was no general design or idea, just a bunch of different products and huge experience in making great quality affordable for customers. When found some new partners abroad, Andrei sold his share in that company to restart with a completed and fully dedicated brand. SHIROKAI was born.